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Thanks for all of the kind feedback & offers regarding my attempt at getting the retailer to fit my 3 TV’s. We received the call last week to come & collect the TV’s & brackets and have spent this afternoon fitting them!

Apart from being £300 better off I feel rather pleased with my TV installation ability!!

While collectring the TV’s I thought I would purchase a camera which I could use underwater. While there were a couple of cameras to choose from the shop assistants were more interested in the alarm system than in helping me. When asked about the memorary card it required the best I got was "it probably takes…….“ Hopeless. Further questions and then the assistant declares that the camera is out of stock anyway & he does not know when more will be arriving. 

Thankfully on return home I investigated with an online retailer who had every piece of technical information I could wish for…… and the camera is being delivered to my home next week, £20 cheaper than the shop price!

As I keep saying, if the high street, and out of town outlets for that matter, are going to survive, now is the time to turn the advertsing into reality - the customer servive mantra must be turned into reality. 

It’s all about people and process!

(Originally posted January 2012)

Posted 334 weeks ago