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With 12th night behind us, last weekend was time to put the Christmas decs away.

This year I decided I was going to learn from the mistake I made last year, and that meant I wanted some nice new archive boxes to store the decs safely away - if I get it right perhaps I won’t have to spend a whole evening unravelling tinsel from fairy lights!

OK…. Google search…. archive boxes… found…… Reserve online…….. sounds like a plan. Reserved…. collect today.

Off to the shop we go suitably prepared with reservation documents and credit card in hand.

You’ve arrived too early; not ready till 3, I suppose I can let you off this time” says the lady at Customer Services. “This time” - did she really expect there would be a next time? I smile politely (yes really), pay, & pick up my boxes & leave.

Anyway, the decs are now away in the new boxes and they stand every chance of surviving the summer.

However, I fear that survival of the high street and out of town retailers is going to be less promising if something is not done soon to provide customers with real service!

(Originally posted January 2012)

Posted 334 weeks ago