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OK; so you completed installation of a new state of the art EPoS system some months back and your supply chain system is the best in town. So, is everyone happy?

Well, you checked that the system does what it said it would, during the user acceptance phase. And, during end-to-end testing, you checked that the data flows through to the accounts and through to the supply chain network.

And yet your customers are now complaining of poor availability…and your inventory is showing no sign of reducing. What’s more, your staff are blaming the new system.

Sound familiar?

In my experience it’s unlikely to be the system; more likely it’s going to be about people and process. Did you implement new processes which are robust and which integrate with your new system? If the answer is yes, were your people fully trained and are they still operating with the new processes?  Whatever your answer, I’m very experienced in identifying integrated processes and implementing them to achieve optimum availability and stockholding as well as improved productivity.

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(Originally posted January 2012)

Posted 334 weeks ago