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It was a nice normal morning; a bowl of cereal and a strong cup of coffee while watching Breakfast News!

Skegness should change its name to boost its image…. a tourism expert has said” echoed the voice of the BBC.

OK, so it’s early, perhaps the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet; I couldn’t have heard right. I listen carefully and it becomes clear that I most certainly have.

Why is it being suggested?

“…to attract a wealthier market and changing its name would be a cost effective way of reinventing the town” we were told. If we follow the same logic we could re-brand a can of peas as baked beans and hey presto we will all be putting them on toast! Clearly not!  Customers are not daft; so called experts can give the town whatever branding they like but they should never believe that it will cover up for any deficiencies in the offer itself.

Straightforward honesty is the name of the game. If the brand on offer is a "Traditional British resort with a fabulous beach, great caravan parks and wonderful amusements" then sell it for that. If Skegness has baggage and is perceived as grotty (as we were told in the report) then sorting that out is the first priority, closely followed by telling potential customers that it’s been addressed.
Of course there will be circumstances where re-branding is the answer but any branding solution has to be in harmony and have integrity with the brand itself if customer perception is to match brand reality.

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(Originally posted January 2012)

Posted 334 weeks ago