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The brain is clearly in holiday mood, made all the more intense by a visit to the Destinations holiday event at Earls Court last weekend - resulting in a booking made this morning. Poland here we come…..well we will be in September.

There are lots of reasons why we booked Poland but how did we come to chose Regent Travel as our tour operator?

Anyone who has had to suffer me retelling the stories of our holiday to Russia last year with Regent will know that all did not go well. However the issues were in country and not the fault of Regent at all. They went out of their way to resolve everything and before we had even taken off for a return home had offered compensation. Their handling of our complaint was absolutely first class.

And so faced with a range of not dissimilar tours to Poland there was one clear reason to go with Regent - it was not the website or the advertising it was down to one very simple thing - Service.

Enough said for now…..need to get ready for the airport!

(Originally posted February 2012)

Posted 334 weeks ago