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The economy is flat at best and we all need to create and build our relationships to help us achieve improved performance – that’s the same across the piece whether it’s looking for sales, looking for that elusive deal, or out there looking for work – its relationships we all need.

So what do we do about it?

Well, judging by my junk mail and the constant cold calls it feels like it must all be about selling – they tell me they have a great deal for me, they say they have the best products in the market and they say that they would be model employees.

But stop, hold on a minute…….. what about me?

Do I want that deal, that product or that employee?

Well they certainly don’t know; they never asked. And that’s the point, they never stopped to ask me what it was I wanted, how they could add value to my life and to my business. Yes the economy is tight and most of us are strapped for cash, companies and individuals, but perhaps if we all just paused for a second and stopped selling and instead started listening, listening to what would actually add value to the customer, then we might start to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect – and we might just stand a much better chance of success.

And finally; for my cold caller this morning….NO, I really am not interested in a great offer on hair straighteners!

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(Originally posted May 2012)

Posted 334 weeks ago