With more years under our belts than we care to admit to, we can provide an extensive list of projects and activities we have delivered which have provided sustainable performance improvement.

We've listed just a few here to give you a flavour of what we can do, feel free to Contact Us if you would like to know more.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Delivering Efficient Replenishment Processes

As part of the Supply Chain Strategy Team, developed world class replenishment processes, equipment, and training materials to maximise the efficiency of the end to end supply chain.

Delivered annual benefits in excess of £30M, as well reducing stock holding and improving labour turnover.

Project Leadership

Establishing a new EPoS Platform

Faced with a failing project to trial a new EPoS platform in Gibraltar, prior to a multi million pound worldwide roll-out, took over as Project Sponsor.

Quick identification of issues, followed by implementation of effective cross-functional structures and processes, turned the project around and enabled it to be delivered in time to meet the full roll-out schedule.


Creating a sustainable business by restructuring and relocation of central functions

Working alongside the HR Director, successfully moved the central functions back to the UK without any loss of service or negative staff reaction.

Delivered benefits in excess of £2M, as well as achieving synergy improvements within the new central operation.

Strategic Brand Building

Establishing the brand at the heart of the organisation

Following consumer research and years of consumer disquiet developed an integrated brand building programme, getting the brand established at the heart of the organisation, our people, before moving on to communicate it with consumers.

Over 3 years internal and external communications were completely overhauled resulting in IIP accreditation and an award for best PR strategy in 2010; the strategy also featured on the Telegraph Business Club. Consumer research now shows a complete turn around in consumer perception as the programme continues to bed in.

Organisation and Process Design

Building operating models to support business expansion

Delivered store, stock and central operating models for a web based retailer, as part of it's nationwide move into traditional retailing, as well as supporting them through significant organisational change.

... has the ability to deconstruct problems,

... and create an effective journey to navigate to a place of improvement and sustained success